Great Service!

“Just wanted to send a message to let you know I am very very happy with the service. At first yes I was skeptical due to a review on shipping. After talking with you guys, making an order and looking into it. I now believe the reason the couple people were complaining was due to them either having their own thing going or their order got caught in that massive fire delayed. My order was right on time.”

Niko Vulture / Japan


Job well done my friend was deceiving me not telling me where he got his LSDs. Thank goodness I found this online shop, psychedelic online home. Your crystals and it products are good just got my package coming for more stuffs. I recommend this online shop for each and everyone else, they’re reliable and fast. Thank you all very much, I’ll be back again.

Troy Grey / London


3-days shipping…One of the best-tasting psychedelic products, taste just like it smells: AMAZING, reminds me of some FREEZELAND or maybe NORTHERN LIGHTS i smoked a very long time ago Also these products VERY Aphrodisiac I am yet to see another lsd do that. More of a body high then head high though cyrstals are moist, just like i want it…

July Wood
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